Monday, August 8, 2011

Point Chaud-yet another vacation layout

Dear Bloggy friends,

You might be thinking, "What? Another 4th of July vacation layout?" Well, my husband and I took almost 900 photos during our vacation last month, so there are going to be a lot of layouts. I'll probably be making 2011 July vacation layouts at this time next year. On our first morning in D.C. we left our hotel in the morning and headed in the general direction of the Mall while looking for food. We spotted an Au Bon Pain after we had wandered a few blocks and since:
a) I was starving
b) I love Au Bon Pain, and
c) I'm pretty sure I haven't been to an Au Bon Pain since I left the East Coast 11 years ago,
we stopped there. After breakfast, we walked about another block and spotted a crêperie; a crêperie with gelato. I was sooo disappointed. But in the afternoon, after our exhausting morning of being in the parade, my darling husband led me back there and fed me gelato and cappuccino. He had a crêpe, and it was so awesomely good that we went back there for breakfast the next day. Here is my layout celebrating our favorite crêperie in D.C.

I made this layout with an awesome new collab that is being released by Pixels by Jen on Friday. Here is a sneak preview of the bundle. Neither my layout nor the sneak peek preview do justice to this bundle. It is awesome and it will be available at GingerScraps on Friday, August 12th. 

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  1. It sounds like a fantastic day in DC.... glad you found a good creperie! I'll keep that place in mind when we go again... Great layouts!