Friday, February 24, 2012

The Plaza in Mesilla, New Mexico

New Mexico is full of old towns and plazas. The most famous are probably those in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, however my favorite plaza has always been the one in Mesilla. We were able to visit the plaza in Mesilla earlier this winter. I got lots of great photos of the dogs while we were there; enough for a double page layout!
Dogs at Mesilla
Project 52 {January Collection} by Brine Design;
Fonts: Monaco

Dogs at Mesilla-right
Project 52 {January Collection} by Brine Design;
Fonts: Adobe Garamond Pro

Project 52 Date Stamps by Brine Design

Brine Design has released this great package of date stamps in her P52 line. I'm sure these will come in handy as I work on my P52 layouts this year. Here's a layout featuring photos of 3 of my 5 dogs taken throughout the month of February. I better take photos of the other two next month!

A Month of Puppies
Project 52 {Date Stamps} by Brine Design;
Project 52 {February Papers} by Brine Design;
Fonts: Santana-Black

Magic in the Air Alpha by Key of D

Key of D Designs is releasing this great acrylic alpha today:

Every Cloud . . . by Key of D Designs;
Magic in the Air Alpha by Key of D Designs; 
Fonts: Tekton Pro
I used it to make a layout of Mickey and Minnie doing the rhumba!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Amy Wolff-Date Cutout

Amy Wolff is releasing a new product today at the LilyPad, Date Cutout:

Columbia River
Date cutouts by Amy Wolff;
Wintersong by Amy Wolff;
Fonts: PortagoITC TT
Here's a two-pager all about my dog's 13th birthday:
Happy Birthday, Blue
Date cutouts by Amy Wolff;
Ziggy by Amy Wolff;
Fonts: Prelude FLF, LB Sharpy

Sunday, February 12, 2012

P52 Week 4 and 5

Here are my P52 Weeks 4 and 5 layouts. Both were made with templates from Brine Designs P52 Series and they are more than templates. The cluster in the week 4 layout was in the template. Isn't it gorgeous? These "templates" are real time savers.
Week 4: The Blue Window
Project 52 {February Collection} by Brine Design;
Date Buttons (English) by Beszteri;
Month Stamps 2012 by Beszteri; 
Week 5: Buffalo Thunder
Project 52 (February Papers) by Brine Design;
Project 52 {February Template Pack} by Brine Design;
Date Buttons (English) by Beszteri;
Month Stamps 2012 by Beszteri; 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Blues and Grays

I love blues and grays. Key of D has these this storm/cloud themed kit with the same color blue/gray color palette as her Vanity kit in her store.
This kit was just perfect for a photo of Black Mesa that I took on a cloudy day.
Black Mesa
Every Cloud by Key of D Designs;
Fonts: ck_maggiesjournal

Log Your Memory 2012-Wk 6

This Vanity kit in blues and grays is perfect for the Log Your Memory challenge 6 of 2012, which focuses on personal style such as haircuts and hairstyles.

 Here is my layout for this challenge.
Gray Hair is Gonna Clear Up
Vanity by Key of D Designs;
Fonts: ck_maggiesjournal,GillSans-UltraBold
Next week the LYM challenge is all about purses! I can hardly wait!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Project 52-Weeks 1-3

I started P365 in 2010 and utterly failed. My life just doesn't seem compatible with taking a photo a day. I can't have or use a camera at work so during a P365 project I can only take photos in the morning or evening on workdays. I took a lot of coffee and breakfast photos in the early days of 2010. This year I've decided to do a photo a week, or P52 project. It's mid-February now and I'm already behind. I have been working on it and here are my first three weeks. I'm lucky in that Brine Design is releasing a monthly Project52 Collection each month. Every month there is a set of 4 templates. I've used three of the January templates in the layouts below and I'm sure I'll use more. They are more than templates, though in that some of the clipping masks are actually paper so that you can leave them as is or clip in different papers. It's awesome. I'm also using the date buttons and month stamps that were given away by Beszteri on her blog late last year. They are still available as of this posting if you want to head on over to her blog and grab them for yourselves!

Week 1: We Love Trains
Project 52 (January Collection) by Brine Design;
Project 52 (January Stickers) by Brine Design;
Fonts: STALKER2, Sketch Block

Week 2: The Snow Falls in Santa Fe
Project 52 (January Collection) by Brine Design;
Font: Sketch Block, pastel

Week 3: Richard and Rudy
Kit used: Love & Romance (Kit) by Brine Design;
Month Stamps 2012 by Beszteri;
Date Buttons (English) by Beszteri;
Lace and paper from Practically Perfect by Julianna Kneip & Sahlin Studio;
Fonts: pastel, Sketch Block
Template from Project 52 {January Template Pack} by Brine Design

Love & Romance

Brine Design has a new kit releasing today, Love & Romance. It's a great Valentine's day kit. I love the blues and browns in combination with the traditional red.
Just Love Me
Love and Romance (kit) by Brine Design