Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Another Template Challenge at GS

There is another template challenge at GingerScraps. This one is hosted by Unforgettable Moments. I love working with templates in general.  I always feel that as a non-artistic person, page design is one of my weaknesses and while I've been trying to learn it doesn't come naturally to me. I'm always repeating a random series of phrases in my head as I scrap. It goes something like "Visual triangle. Don't fill in the triangle. Use an odd number, 3 or 5 or 1. Find a line and make it stronger.  Make a pattern and then break it." So when one someone else has taken the page design out of my hands, it is somewhat of a relief. The template for this challenge is wonderful. It has that split layered page design that I see so often in the galleries. And every time I see one of those layouts. I think "That looks great! I'm going to make a page like that someday", but I never seem to remember to actually do so. (Probably because it is not in my silent mantra.)

I used the template to make a layout about one of the dogs. I know, you are shocked that I am scrappin' about dogs. This layout is for my husband. He's always asking me to get a photo of the German Pinschers with their lips curled. They do this because my husband is trained to give them food when they curl their lips. Unfortunately, most of time I miss the photo. This time I actually got the photo of the lip curl. Unfortunately, I was on the wrong side of the dog. But if you look carefully you can see that his left lip is curled up.  The journaling reads: Blue loves going to the vet because they have those special treats that taste like super-delicious heartworm pills in all the exam rooms. And we always give him some while we wait for the doctor. On this day, Blue was doing the "Ly lip curl". Ly always curls up one side of her lip when she wants food and Richard adores it. And he usually gives her food in response, so Blue has begun doing it too. Anyone that believes that dogs can't train people has never lived with a German Pinscher. 
July 22, 2011
Lip Curl
Template by Unforgettable Memories (GS August 15-31 Template Challenge)
Mommy's Little Monster by Unforgettable Moments
Stitches from Urban Daze by Wyld Web Designs
Ric Rac from Thoughts of You by Unforgettable Moments, and from Because {I love U} by Pretty in Green
Fonts: VNI Thufap2, Twelve Ton Sushi, You Are Loved

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