Thursday, August 11, 2011

Make It Snappy

Last night was the weekly speed scrap at ScrapOrchard. It was a really cool speed scrap. The directions were:

  1. We are going to start with photos today!! Choose 3 photos, 2 of the photos must be square and different sizes. We'll get to the third photo in instruction 3.
  2. Now choose 3 papers. They can be solid, patterned or a mix. Use one for your background and then stack/layer the other 2 any way you wish. Don't put your chosen papers away yet though as we are going to use the same ones again.
  3. Remember that third photo? Well I want you to blend it somehow on your page. Feel free to use a mask of some type if you like. This third photo must be larger than your other two.
  4. Place your 2 square photos on you page if you haven't already and make sure these 2 square photos are touching in some way. The blended photo may be anywhere on your page you like.
  5. Our 3 papers are going to come in to play again right now. Take 2 or all 3 and create either some paper strips, blocks or a frame. Place them anywhere on your page that you like but they have to be the same 3 you used at the beginning.
  6. Wondering about elements were you? Well no fear as we are that part of our page. I want you to use as many as you would like. Yep, all your choice BUT I want to see a little bit of sparkle somewhere. That can be glitter, metal--anything shiny.
  7. Add your date, you may also add a title and journalling if you wish.
It was interesting to start with photos. I decided to scrap our recent trip to one of our favorite restaurants. When we got to the third instruction I thought, actually I said (it was a chat after all), "I can't blend Mexican Food!", but as it turns out, I found the perfect paper to use as a background for blended Mexican food.

I also learned how to make frames from paper during this speed scrap! Here is my layout; I actually like it quite a bit:

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