Sunday, October 2, 2011

Scrapping Survivor Week 3

I made the cut after week 2 and am still in the Scrapping Survivor challenge. This week's challenge was to write a love letter, which I thought would be easy-peasy, since I am all about the journaling and the doumenting. I began a really nice two page layout full of blended papers and photos about my husband and then . . . the journaling wouldn't come. I just had a mental block. The layout was due this evening and this morning I tossed everything I had and started again, with a new subject, my dog, Rudy. Here is my Week 3 layout:
Rudolph Valentine
Brads from In My Own Backyard Chat Freebie by Allison Pennington
Film Strip from Lights, Camera, Popcorn by Piccolina Designs
Background Paper created with Hayes Island Variant Action by Pete Perry
Fonts: Chaparral Pro
The letter reads:
Dear Rudolph Valentine,
    I remember when I met you on December 29, 2006. I just knew that I had to have you. Luckily for me, you had just been returned to the humane society, so I was first on the list to adopt you. Everyone who came in after me also wanted you, lucky for me I had claimed you first. Who would have ever thought that such a tiny chihuahua would fit into our pack so well? You were skinny then, weighing in at 3.75 pounds, but now you are a healthy 4.5 pound chihuahua. You were underweight, because you had been found living on the streets, fending for yourself. I still wonder how you survived. You are one tough little dog.
    On this day, you, Ollie and I had been left behind in the house while Richard took out the German Pinschers for a long walk with Uncle Buddy. So the three of us wandered over to the corral to have some fun. When we walk you off-lead, you get this bout of feistiness that causes you to run around wildly and attack Ollie repeatedly. It's pretty funny.  On this day I was lucky enough to get several pictures of you in action. Although truth be told, the first was an accident. I was framing a nice photo of the flower bed and when I pressed the shutter, you zoomed through the frame. After that though, I turned my lens on you. I adore you, my dear Rudy, and I am so glad that you are mine.

I made the background paper by running the Hayes Island Variant Action on a photo. I didn't quite like the colors when the action was finished so I placed a copy of my original photo over the Hayes Island copy and changed the blending mode to hue. The action is free and is available here if you'd like to try it on your photos. It is a Photoshop Action. I don't believe it runs on PSE. I also extracted Rudy's paws and placed them over the vellum. What do you think?

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