Saturday, October 22, 2011

LYM Week 40

I'm behind in my Log Your Memory weekly layouts. Before today I hadn't done single layout for October. I think it's a combination of being busy and feeling ambivalent about this month's theme. The theme for October is "In My Experience: Life Lessons, Roles, Philosophies". The challenge for Week 40 was:
Journaling Challenge: Share your advice on how to manage the basics of life.
Document the lessons you have learned about how to lead a successful life or your personal philosophies regarding such tasks as money management, housekeeping, maintaining friendships, choosing partners, or balancing responsibilities.

This is my layout:
Welcome to the Real World
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The journaling reads:
I found this article in Reader's Digest back in 1987 when I was  high school. I pulled it out and have been carrying it around ever since. I love the advice inside especially:
Never answer an advertisement seeking a "liberal roommate." You probably are not that liberal.
They aren't kidding when they say "Wash whites separately."
Never date a man who still goes shopping with his mother.
"Heat included" does not mean "Heat guaranteed."
Be nice to little people. You're still one of them.
Nice people get roaches too.
Face up to it, you must dust.
Dirty laundry never goes away.
Hurry up and learn patience.

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