Thursday, October 13, 2011

Make It Scrappy (I mean Snappy)

Somehow my life has been so hectic that I've missed over a months worth of Make It Snappys over at ScrapOrchard. I was finally able to participate this week though. Here are the instructions:
  1. Choose an odd number of photos....1, 3, 5, .......
  2. Choose an even number of papers and use 1/2 of them as your what you will with the rest! For instance, I used 6 papers: 3 stacked as background and 3 as paper strips, but they could be mattes for photos, block, shapes etc.
  3. Use at least one frame somewhere on your page. It can be on the photos, behind them, no where near them....whatever as long as one is on the page :)
  4. Use at least one circular element on your page....circles, flowers (kinda), brads, buttons.... you know ;)
  5. Add in some paint, glitter, spills, scatter, something along those lines.
  6. Use a piece of wordart or an alpha (or both) for your title.
  7. Add anything else you need to make it your own. Journal, date, shadow, save and upload
And here is my layout:
My Fave Five Farm Pics
Quotiety by Captivated Visions;
Quotiety Freebie by Captivated Visions;
Quotiety Numbered Papers by Captivated Visions;
Frame from Imagination by Designs by Kat;
Painted Overlay from Foliferous Overlays by Captivated Visions;
Fonts: Handwriting-Dakota, GillSans-UltraBold

I took these photos while the little boys and I were walking around the farm. This was the same day that I got all the photos of Rudy in action and the same day that left Ollie so exhausted. This is the third layout from this day and it was our first day on the farm!

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