Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Project 12 through the years

I make and print a Project 12 album every year. I started in 2008, although at the time I had never heard of Project 12 or 52 or 365. Each year I make a monthly 2 page layout for each month with photos and journaling that highlight our activities for that month. All the other spreads you've seen in this blog about the things we do and the things we see will be placed behind their month layout in chronological order in the scrapbook. So the month layout gives context to the layouts that follow it.

In 2008 I had just discovered digital scrapbooking and every layout was identical, with a calendar with journaling on the left and matted photos and journaling cards on the right. The paper was by Jessica Sprague from her Brushabilites class and the tag was created in that class. I made the calendars in Word, which did not import into PSE well at all! Here are examples from my first P12 album:

In 2009, I bought a special kit for my P12 project called A Year in Progress by  Denise Zavagno/ScrapDZines, it had a kit for every month with appropriate papers and elements.  I used a free template from Log Your Memory for each left side and used it as inspiration for the photo blocking on the right side. I adjusted the photo blocks on the right for my photos each month.

2010 is  a bit of mess. I began P365, but began petering out in March and basically stopped sometime in April, so I'm going to make my P12 layouts and for the first few months, the monthly layout will be followed by detailed layouts for each week. I'm kind of frustrated with that album so I stalled out in April. You can see from the layouts that follow that the number of photos per month just keeps falling.
I decided to use my Year in Progress kit again for this album.

I was so frustrated with 2010 that I moved onto 2011, besides it's always better to scrap while the memories are fresh isn't it? This year I'm doing something different. All the previous years have the same basic layout repeated for each month. This year I decided to do "One Month at a Time" over at Get It Scrapped! Each month a free template is provided to scrap the previous month. They also provide a page of prompts to help you document the current month. Here are two layouts that I've recently finished.
March 2011
Veni, Vidi, Venti by Sherwood Studio;
March sticker from Time Flies By by Sweet Tomato Designs; 
Fonts: CenturyGothic

April 2011
Template from One Month at a Time April 2011 by Tami Taylor;
Let Me Tell You by Laura Banasiak and Litabells Designs;
April sticker from Time Flies By by Sweet Tomato Designs;
Arrow from This is Me by Captivated Visons;
Fonts: CenturyGothic


  1. That's so neat to see how your project evolved over the years and to see how different concepts within the P365 regime worked for you.

  2. Great idea to document your Life Projects through the years. I've started & stopped several of these, so I'm inspired by yours! Great job!