Friday, October 14, 2011

Fasteners Galore

Don't you hate it when you need a staple or some stitching and the kit you're using doesn't have any, or any other fastening devices for that matter? When that happens I do one of two things, I go searching through my stash for a staple, clip, stitch or brad or I tell myself that I'm using a tape runner to attach my item and leave it bare. Brine Design has come to all our rescues when this happens in the future. Today she released oodles of attachy-thingys over at 9th and Bloom. I'm a sucker for brads in digital and real-life so I grabbed this one:
Tatch-Its 2 {Prongs & Brads} by Brine Design
And used it to make this, yet another farm layout:
Alana (paper pack) by Brine Design;
Tatch-Its 2 {Prongs & Brads} by Brine Design;
Journal spot from Toothless by Brine Design;
Fonts: CK Academia, Chaparral Pro-Regular
And Brine Design also has these Tatch-Its in her shop. Previews are linked to Personal Use items, CU items are also available in the shop:

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  1. Wow, those prongs really work well on your layout Angela, it's gorgeous, thank you :)