Thursday, June 16, 2011

(Virtual) Places I love-Log Your Memory

Are you familiar with the memory logbook by Kristin Rutten and Log Your Memory?  The memory logbook is a scrapbooking calendar.  I have been using Day-Timer or a Franklin Covey to organize my life since 1999. Those two companies offer calendars in all kinds of themes: golfing, flowers, leadership, etc. Every year for several years I'd go through their web site to see if they had added a new memory keeping/journaling/scrapbooking theme.  I never found one, but late in 2009 I found the memory logbook. I bought the 2010 version, but to be honest at 8.5" x 11" it just did not fit into my life. I placed in next to my bedside table and only ever opened it a couple of times.  But the product line grew rapidly in 2011.  I was able to buy a bound memory logbook in the standard/classic 8.5" x 5.5" size.   I took my logbook and removed the pages from the binding, punched holes in them and stuck them into my Franklin Covey binder.  I also made my own monthly divider pages with an index and tabs. Now my memory logbook is an integral part of my life.
My homemade monthly divider page with index tabs.

I write everything in my logbook.  I journal in there, so when I make a page I have an easy reference. I keep track of all the dog's vet appointments and classes.  I keep track of all our travels, doctor's appointments etc.  I jot down quotes that I find inspirational and the definitions of words that I like. I take notes on memorable conversations.

I love the Log Your Memory (LYM) community. Each month has a theme.  The monthly page has photo prompts that go along with the theme.  This month the theme is relationships: Friends, Family, Acquaintances.
June monthly pages with the theme, photo prompts and quote.

The Memory Logbook includes weekly challenges that also go along with the theme.  Each month there is a guest designer at LYM.  Sometimes, like this month, the guest designer designs a kit to go along with each theme.  If you do every challenge that month, you will collect the complete kit. I try to do each challenge every week.  Most of themes go along with my everyday scrapping philosophy.  A lot of themes inspire me to record aspects of my everyday life that I might have not thought about.

A weekly challenge from February. February's theme was Loves of my Life.
The logbook also has a sketch page next to each weekly challenge to help you plan out your layout.  Here are some of my favorite LYM weekly challenge layouts:

Week 2: Choose a word as your focal point for the year.
Paper and elements from Serendipity Digital Kit by Fei-fei's Stuff.
Fonts: Old Script and Verdana

Week 7: Document what you love about your everyday life.
7 Things template from Simple Scrapper.
Papers from Moment by Red Ivy Designs.

Week 14: Compare and contrast parts of your daily life.
Stamp is KPertiet_OnWings-6 by K. Pertiet from Beautiful Evidence Kit from JS Class
All papers from Tuesday Morning by One Little Bird

Week 19: What tools, toys or gadgets help you have fun.
Template used: TemplateTuesdayNo30 by JoeyLynnDesigns .
Papers and Elements from It's about us by Captivated Visions.
The background is a photo of my Ipod blended into a solid colored paper
The Memory logbook is available in half-years.  If you want to join in the fun you could pick up the July-December logbook at the store.  The challenges alone are also available. Most of the products are available in print and downloadable form.

I have no affiliation with LYM except as an active user.  I just really love the (virtual) place.

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