Friday, June 17, 2011

LYM-week 24

The weekly challenge at LYM this week was to compare and contrast two people in your life or one person at two different times.  As soon as I sat down to work on this challenge, I thought of a conversation I had at the water cooler last week.  A co-worker asked if I was better off now than I had been 5 years ago. I immediately said "Yes!" because 5 years ago I was 2.5 months from meeting my husband.  I am much better off now that I am happily married.  As it turns out, he wasn't asking about my personal life but about a management change that occurred at work some 5 years ago. But I'm glad he asked because it set me up perfectly for this weekly challenge. So I pulled out a recent photo and one from 2006 and thought hard about what had changed and what hadn't.  Here is my layout:
Then & Now
Kit used Practically Perfect Collab by Ju Kneipp Designs and Sahlin Studio
Stitching (long and tic-tac-toe) from Someday Soon by Captivated Visions
Stitch border from You are My Sunshine by D'nia (Dunia Designs)
Fonts: VT Portable Remington and Stencil

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