Sunday, July 3, 2011

Speed Scrap

Despite the evacuation, I did manage to participate in the weekly speed scrap at Scrap Orchard on Wednesday.  I figured that speed scrapping therapy is good for the soul.  We had gone out on Tuesday to buy the dogs some dog food and there was an Edible Arrangements almost next door.  I've always wanted an edible centerpiece and I figured I might as well go in and see if they could sell me anything.  The nice owner there sold me some luscious strawberries dipped in chocolate.  They don't normally keep food stocked but she had some strawberries made up for a customer to pick up late enough in the afternoon that she had time to make more. They were delicious.  Here are 2/3 of the strawberries in all their glory:
We each had one before I took the photo.  They were that good.
And here is my layout, celebrating chocolate in the midst of a wildfire and evacuation:
Bad Situatition
Chocolate by AnnaBV Designs
Tag, flower and alpha from This is Me by Captivated Visions

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