Monday, September 5, 2011

Cool Doggie & Urban Rebel by Monkey Mesh Designs

Monkey Mesh Designs is releasing a wonderful kit today. I saw the kit preview and immediately knew that I needed it to scrap my 2000 Halloween photos of my dog, Blue. Here is the kit preview:
Urban Rebel By Monkey Mesh Designs
And here is a page of my dog:
Cool Blue
Urban Rebel By Monkey Mesh Designs

The kit had a couple of pretty cool background papers with dimensionality. I had never seen background papers like those before. They inspired me to scrap totally outside my normal style. Here's a paper I fell in love with:

See what I mean? It looks like it has a floor. (And don't you just love that grunginess?) It inspired me to extract a photo of my cool dog, Blue and make this layout:
Urban Rebel By Monkey Mesh Designs
Now I've never extracted photos for a layout or cast shadows before, so this layout was a challenge for me. And the cast shadows are mostly off the page, but I was OK with that. I found some great tutorials for casting shadows on the web, they are here and here if you are interested.

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